Have an idea but just don’t know where to start? Has prototyping or production gone sideways in Asia? Having communication issues with your suppliers? Have everything in line but would like a second opinion? Whether you would like just 1 hour of our time or 60 hours per week, a quick Skype consultation or use of our employees on the ground in Asia, we are here to help we have been through it all!

Patent & IP Protection

Have a great idea for a product and you would like to make sure that no one else can steal your idea? From patent searches to full blown patent filing, we can take your idea and make sure that you are protected in the United States, Canada, China or any country you wish to sell your product.



Product Design

Have an idea or invention but don’t know where to start? We can take an idea from in your head or a napkin drawing and turn it into a 3D model using cutting edge engineering software. Our team will collaborate to ensure your ideas can translate properly into a real life product.

Mechanical Engineering

Machinery, gears, moving parts, dynamics, thermodynamics, & structural analysis… if your product has any of these needs our mechanical engineering service is a must in your development stage.



Electrical Engineering

Does your product require electrical components or PCB boards to operate? From simple boards to complex schematics, our electrical engineering service can power and drive your idea.

3D Printing & CNC Prototyping

From the computer screen to a physical prototype.  We will start with the basics to prove your product invention functionality, 3D print for more stability and then produce a final production quality prototype for you to show investors and retailers.



Injection Molds

If your product invention has plastic components then you need to have injection molds created. Parts to be injection molded must be carefully designed so the molding process works properly. We ensure that through our process time and money can be saved by doing it right the first time.

Manufacturing & Sourcing

With decades of experience in manufacturing and sourcing, paired with our own employees on the ground in Asia, we have the expertise to source any components and manufacture anything that you need while producing your product invention on time and on budget. It takes expertise to do this effectively, let us help you do this the proper way!



Quality Control

Product manufacturing needs much oversight to ensure that your product comes out perfectly. Each step of the way needs to be taken into account and monitored to ensure perfection. If you have a manufacturer that you are currently working with and need 3rd party quality control, our team can assist you on the ground.


Packaging is an art and your product needs to shine above the rest. We have done it all – PVC, cardboard, fabric & gift box packaging.



Retail Displays

Once your product is ready to hit the shelves, retailers will ask if you have a product display available to feature in their stores. These displays can range from floor, end cap, power wing, point of purchase, or counter displays.


We have our own warehouse facility located in Shenzhen, China. Once your production run has been completed, if you choose to leave some of your product in China to ship to multiple countries, we can warehouse and prepare the shipments for you.




Whether your product invention is going to Canada or Dubai, we can handle the international logistics for you. We will help you set up your brokerage and shipping accounts, book containers and vessels, and arrange for the shipment to be picked up at the destination port and deliver it to your warehouse or your customer.





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