Investing in new inventions or products can be a very profitable venture to the savvy investor. The ability to get in on a product idea at the ground level can create substantial returns on your investment when the product launches in stores, the patent is licensed to a major brand, or the company is purchased by a competitor.

We have 3 stages of inventions that are available to invest in through our carefully curated list of invention ideas.

Idea Stage

We talk to a lot of inventors who have great ideas, unfortunately some of these inventors have little to no capital available to take their invention from idea stage to the retail store. We have a carefully selected list of these types of inventions that are available to investors.

R&D Stage

At this stage, the inventor will have funded their idea to this stage and has already filed their provisional patent. They may have started the R&D process or they have some funds available to match with an investor.

Marketing Stage

The inventor has finished all R&D, their patent has been approved or waiting for approval and they are ready to purchase tooling and start their production run (or find companies to license the patent and invention to). Inventors look for that extra boost or strategic partner to make their idea a success.


$1,000 – $10,000$10,001 – $50,000$50,001 – $250,000$250,000+
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